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Putland on the verge of greatness

Top Fuel rookie Kyle Putland couldn’t be more excited about the fact the next round of the NDRC Top Fuel Championship will be held at his home track of the Perth Motorplex.

The MacTrack 53rd annual Westernationals will host six 11,000hp flame-throwing Top Fuel dragsters plus Top Doorslammers, Top Fuel Motorcycles and the Aeroflow National Sportsman Championship across March 2 and 3, with Putland hoping the hometown support will help drive him all the way to a breakthrough event victory.

Kyle Putland (Cackling Pipes)

"I am really excited to be racing at home and to have that hometown support behind me,” Putland said.

“Everyone from Perth is amazing and them all being so vocal in their support really helps drive us forward.

“I really want to do well at this event, and I steadfastly believe that we can.”

Putland’s dogged belief that a victory is just around the corner is backed by some impressive numbers for the Kyle Putland Racing Top Fuel Dragster.

Kyle Putland (Cackling Pipes)

“The car has gone 280mph (450.61kph) to half-track, so it is going to run a number, it has already proven itself,” he said.

“We just need to get everything to line up and get it to the end at full tilt, and who knows what could happen from there.

“We most definitely are capable, and I can feel that it is going to happen soon – hopefully having all the locals behind us can help push us through to the win.

“The Westerns is definitely a favourite event for us, and all of my family and friends hear me talk so much sh*t about our race car all the time, so it is great that they actually get to see it when we race locally,” he laughed. “To get the result I know we are capable of there would be something really special.”

Kyle Putland (Cackling Pipes)

Following a difficult last showing at Sydney’s Australia Day Nationals, which saw Mother Nature put a stop to proceedings before day two could get underway, Putland’s team have been hard at work preparing for the next hit-out.

“It was really disappointing to have the rain intervene at Sydney, and we had some new part gremlins show their face as well on the Friday which wasn’t great,” Putland said.

“But our early numbers were good, the car was on fire really before we hit that trouble, so it is clear the potential is well and truly there.

“Since we got back over West all of the team have been working so hard and putting in so much time to make sure we are in the best possible spot for the Westernats.

“We have also been working hard on our presentation as well, elevating the look of our whole set-up in the pits, with our transporter to have a whole new sign written look for the Westerns. I will have a newly painted helmet to show off too.

“We are just really focused on elevating our whole approach as we chase that first win!” he concluded, while thanking Worx Equipment, Hydraulic Technical Solutions, MacTrack and Oil and Energy for their support.  

The MacTrack Westernationals featuring Top Fuel, Top Doorslammer, Top Fuel Motorcycle and the Aeroflow National Sportsman Championship will be held at the Perth Motorplex across March 2 and 3. For event information and a full upcoming event calendar, visit 

Kyle Putland (Cackling Pipes)

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