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In exciting news, Australia’s Pro Stock racers will join the Australian Drag Racing Championship (ADRC) alongside Top Doorslammer and Top Fuel Motorcycle, running at select Burson Auto Parts Australian Top Fuel Championship events around the country.

The high-revving, naturally aspirated sedans are a cult class in the sport, known for close racing and knife-edge tune-ups. If Top Fuel dragster is heavy metal, then Pro Stock is a classical orchestra: refined and precise.

Andy Lopez, from the Burson Auto Parts Australian Top Fuel Championship, said it was a case of ‘the more, the merrier’ with every new category helping build great horsepower festivals for the live crowd, racers, and TV viewers.

“The ADRC Pro Stock Championship is going to feature some of the best and hardest working Pro Stock teams from around Australia,” Lopez said.

“All the teams need to do is turn up and put on a great show. We’ll treat them with respect, put on an awesome event, and showcase them in the best drag racing broadcast in Australia.”

VPW Australia, one of Australia’s leading supplier of aftermarket automotive and motorcycle products,

has come on board as Supporting Partner for the new ADRC Pro Stock Championship, providing bonus cheques for Top Speed and Low ET at each ADRC Pro Stock event, and an overall Top Speed and Low ET winners’ cheque at the end of the Championship.

Pro Stock Association President Peter Ridgeway has been involved with Pro Stock racing for 30 years, as an engine builder, team owner, driver — and champion. As far as he is concerned, more racing opportunities will be a growth factor for the class. There will be no exclusivity requirements or restrictions on racers, just the chance to go racing at a bunch more events.

“The Top Fuel promoters told us to just get out and race where it works for the racers. We don’t have to choose between one series or another,” Ridgeway said.

“With three rounds, the ADRC Pro Stock Championship is certainly fast and furious, and we’re excited that Pro Stock is racing in the 400 Thunder series too. Some teams will do both! Like the Top Fuel guys have been saying … more racing, more fans, more tracks. It’s fantastic to see Pro Stock race where we want to, without limitation.”

From veterans to new blood, drivers from across the spectrum of Pro Stock are excited for more chances to go racing at more venues. The ADRC Pro Stock Championship will race at Heathcote Park Raceway in Victoria, the new drag strip at The Bend in South Australia, Sydney Dragway, and hopefully in Top Fuel’s New Year Nitro event at Willowbank.

Chris Soldatos is one of the category’s longest serving competitors, having raced at his first Pro Stock event a decade ago. The Victorian driver is keenly awaiting the opportunity to travel to more venues and expand his experiences.

“As a team owner, I’m looking for good tracks to run on, that’s all I want — somewhere to race,” Soldatos said.

“At the moment we are tinkering with the car but honestly we don’t have a real lot to do other than going and running it!”

Soldatos said he had witnessed several rounds of the Burson Auto Parts Australian Top Fuel Championship and he was excited to be joining that atmosphere.

“Everyone loves to watch Top Fuel and I’ve seen the people they are bringing to the sport, the idea of following them and having some fun sounds good to me,”Soldatos said.

Darryl Stephen, team owner of the Mustang Pro Stock Racing Team is delighted to see the start of the ADRC Pro Stock Championship.

“I’ve got two cars in the Championship, racing one myself and Tony Polito racing the red Mustang. My team and sponsors are really pumped to see us out and racing at great events in front of big crowds,” Stephen said.

Rob Dekert is one of Pro Stock’s current heavy hitters. He recently made headlines with a 6.88-second pass, making him one of the quickest drivers in the nation. His Pontiac GXP will be among the teams enjoying the new racing locations and events.

“There’s 20 odd Pro Stock teams around the country right now who want opportunities to go racing, and more championship events for Pro Stock is going to be great for the class,” Dekert said.

“I’ve seen that Andy and the team of people around him are capable of putting on great events and delivering what they promise. We are one of the newest teams, but we are also ready to commit to events around the country.”

As far as performance goes, Dekert is confident there’s a little more that can be extracted from the 400ci small block V8 powering his car. Could he be a record holder in the not-too-distant future?

“We’ve still got some refining to do and it can go a touch quicker. We’ve done okay so far, and it sure would be nice to get the first championship in this new era,” Dekert said

There will also be completely new drivers looking to enter the Pro Stock fray for the first time. Long-time sportsman racer Craig Geddes – arguably the most successful sportsman racer in Austrailan history – is one of them, with his Pontiac GTO nearing completion.

“We’re really excited about the ADRC Pro Stock Championship,” Geddessaid.

“I was racing my Comp dragster in Perth with the Top Fuel and Top Doorslammer guys, and I saw what they were about. The professionalism, the TV package, and the amount of racing means maximum opportunities to showcase our class.”

Geddes said he has no illusions of dominating the ultra-tough Pro Stock field, though his reputation in sportsman racing is giant.

“We are coming in relatively green; I’ve never driven a Pro Stock car. It has always been a dream of mine to race in Pro Stock, and if we can be in there annoying everybody, we will be having a good time. My kids are showing some interest in working on the car now and it will be a great thing to be part of.

“We love getting around Australia and seeing the country, and we are looking forward to mixing it up both in Pro Stock and Comp. We’re going to do a little bit of both while we get our feet wet.”

The ADRC Pro Stock Championship can be seen live and free on 7+ around Australia, and will be featured in highlight specials on 7mate.

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