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Hydraulink Jim Read Racing has plenty to celebrate following the latest round of the Burson Auto Parts Australian Top Fuel Championship after taking the A-Final victory at the weekend’s Westernationals at the Perth Motorplex.

Read faced off against Peter Xiberras in what was a rematch of the last round Sydney A-Final, but this time the Hydraulink Jim Read Racing Top Fuel Dragster emerged victorious, even if it took a messy run to get there.

“It was an intense run for both Pete and I in that final, but neither of us were going to let off for even a second even though we were skating around the place – winning that final meant too much for us,” driver Phil Read said.

“We stayed right in it and made sure that we made it to that finish line first, and in a convincing manner too – they didn’t need the replays to see who made it to the line ahead of the other, although they did need to them to make sure we didn’t cross the centre line as we skated down the track,” he grinned.

The reliance on the cameras Phil alludes too was necessitated as timing issues were encountered throughout the event, culminating in there being no timing for the 1000ft markers on Sunday, which meant the series has to resort to alternative methods to declare the winners.

Following a meeting between the series, the track and the Top Fuel teams, a slow-motion camera was set up and a three-strong adjudicating panel appointed to declare winners, with an official positioned on either side of the track with a flag to signal the result. Half-track times were used for seeding and bonus points (for low ET and high speed).

“At the end of the day, what a great event – yes it was a bit different, but once again, we all put on a mammoth show and showed that Top Fuel really is the greatest show on Earth!” Phil said.

“I am so glad to be in Perth, so glad to get the win, and it is great to be back in the points chase as we try and get that Stan Sainty Cup and bring it home for the family. There is still a ways to go, but I am quietly confident.

“Thank you to everyone for their support, including our sponsors Hydraulink, McDonalds, Valvoline, FXD Workwear, PremiAir Hire, and Odyssey Batteries, as well as Snap-on who have just renewed with us bigger and better. I really appreciate your support.”

Hydraulink Jim Read Racing Crew Chief, Bruce Read, was ecstatic with the result.

“What a great win!” grinned Bruce Read.

“The team were absolutely phenomenal all weekend long and what an awesome drive job by my brother Phil in that final, he got us that win.

“While things may have been a little more complex than usual with the timing issues, together the entire field did what we do best in Top Fuel and that was put on a show.

“This place was packed, and it never gets old seeing the looks on the faces of the race fans when we get out there and really deliver.

“To be able to come out here and get all the way to the A-Final and then face off against Peter Xiberras in a re-match of Sydney and this time take the win is just wonderful and we are going to be smiling about this one all the way home!

“Speaking of home, our next round – which will be the penultimate round of the title chase – will be back at home in Sydney, so hopefully we can make it three A-Finals and two wins in a row and really make this championship battle interesting!”

“Everyone knows also that we lost our truck driver Grant ‘Fozzie’ Foster on the way over here to the Goldenstates in November. I drove the truck over this time especially to place a special memorial plaque created by Wayne Newby where we lost him and this win is for him,” Phil added.

Hydraulink Jim Read Racing will next be in action at Sydney Dragway for the Nitro Champs across May 5 and 6 – round six of the 2022/2023 Burson Auto Parts Australian Top Fuel Championship. For event information, visit or

Hydraulink Jim Read Racing is supported on track by Hydraulink, McDonalds, Valvoline, FXD Workwear, PremiAir Hire, Odyssey Batteries, PMP Motorsport Products, Kalitta Motorsports USA, Diamond Pistons, Trend Performance Wrist Pins, Oasis Aquatics, Speed Gas, Spa Electric Pool Lighting and Pacific Pools. To learn more about Hydraulink Jim Read Racing, visit

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