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The new Burson Auto Parts Australian Top Fuel Championship season will see FUCHS Lubricants - the world’s largest independent lubricant manufacturer - continue their support of Lamattina Top Fuel Racing.

With the season running into 2023, it will mark a phenomenal 20 years for the marketing partnership between FUCHS Lubricants and LTFR, one of the longest in Australian motorsport.

The mutually beneficial relationship allows FUCHS to use the unrivalled mechanical stress involved with nitro-fuelled drag racing as the ultimate test bed to improve their products.

Increased reliability, better service intervals and the constant improvement drive the FUCHS and LTFR team. Even with the best scientists in the industry, testing in the field and on the track is important.

As a technology-based company who want to strive for the best products in every industry, FUCHS don't just produce lubricants, they offer expertly developed lubrication solutions that reduce both friction and wear – no matter what their requirements, including products specifically for nitro engines.

The partnership extends beyond that of the LTFR team, with FUCHS Lubricants established as an integral part in the smooth operation of the Lamattina carrot farms, and extensive transport and logistical machinery network.

Both companies have grown from their family beginnings and still function with a strong family mindset, coupled with operating ideologies of producing, and being associated with only the highest standard in products in their industries, has forged the long-term partnership.

Phil Lamattina, Team Principal and Driver explained, “The relationship has stayed so strong because we are two family-based companies having the same values in business - always striving to operate at the highest level.”

“Associating ourselves with the highest quality products is what we demand in our operations.”

The inaugural Burson Auto Parts Australian Top Fuel Championship season delivered three event wins for the combined LTFR team and FUCHS – two going to Lamattina, and team mate Shane Olive breaking through for his first-ever Top Fuel event win. Lamattina finished the championship narrowly in second place after a thrilling final Grand Final event in Darwin, the result will drive the team to bring home a fifth Australian Championship for LTFR and FUCHS Lubricants in the upcoming season.

The reinvigorated Australian Top Fuel Championship has increased the exposure worldwide for Top Fuel in Australia to a level never seen before, and LTFR are excited to be able bring FUCHS Lubricants along for the ride, tying in perfectly with their new slogan ‘MOVING YOUR WORLD’

For FUCHS Lubricants ‘MOVING YOUR WORLD’ is not just a catchy slogan, it is a statement that expresses a company’s greater purpose, its values and its mission. Nothing moves your world like Top Fuel.

The first round of the 2022/2023 Burson Auto Parts Australian Top Fuel Championship kicks off at the Red CentreNats in Alice Springs on September 1-2.

Visit and follow Lamattina Top Fuel Racing on Facebook throughout the upcoming season here:

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