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The Motorplex at Kwinana, Perth (Western Australia) is about to witness one of the biggest clashes of Top Fuel Motorcycle seen in recent history.

The MAC Trac Western Nationals is Round 5 of the Burson Auto Parts Australian Top Fuel Championships and features 7 Top Fuel Dragsters and 11 Top Fuel Motorcycles. Number 1 Plate holder, National Record holder and 8 time National Champion, Chris Matheson, said this event is one that he looks forward to every race season.

Despite driving his transporter across Australia to compete in the event, it is always an enjoyable round. “We hold the track record at the Motorplex at 6.0 seconds and hope to improve on that.” Leading the Nitro Harleys, Mark Drew, holds the National record for the Nitro Harleys of 6.3. Both racers running in excess of 235MPH and aiming to reset the national records held by both racers.

Matheson said he has freshened up his motorcycle and is keen to put in a good performance at the meeting. Leading the charge for the Nitro Harley field, Mark Drew, is also eager to stretch the legs of his record winning Romine Harley Davidson.

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