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Pic: Ed Forman/HighRPM

Daniel Gregorini and Greg Durack head to the Hidden Valley Drag Strip this weekend (June 17/18) as the reigning champions of the Australian Drag Racing Championship, in Top Doorslammer and Top Fuel Motorcycle respectively.

Both racers hail from Perth, and both are clearly pleased with the recent news that the ADRC is now part of the Top Fuel Racing Australia (TFRA) stable and will run alongside the hugely popular Burson Auto Parts Top Fuel Australian Championship, starting this weekend.

“This is probably the greatest news in a very long time. Top Fuel’s first season has been executed perfectly with everything right down to the TV production, so personally I can’t wait to be a part of this new era in drag racing with Top Fuel, Top Doorslammer and Top Fuel Motorcycle all back together in what is the only true national championship in Australia – it is going to be epic!” Gregorini said.

“It is a very positive move for the sport and it is good to have a national championship. We are definitely looking forward to it and it is already bringing more competitors out of the wood work. We are looking forward to competing at as many of the events as we can, starting with Darwin this weekend – it is pretty exciting times,” Durack added.

Pic: High Octane Photos

Darwin has been a successful hunting ground for both Gregorini and Durack.

“Darwin is always a great place to race, and we have always done reasonably well up there. We can’t wait to see all the fans again and be a part of the Merlin Darwin Triple Crown / Nitro Up North event and round one of the ADRC championship for 2022/2023,” Gregorini said.

“When we were here last year for the 2021/2022 ADRC season opener, we set and then reset a National MPH record and left with a win and top speed points, so hopefully we have the data and the team can be on their A Game so we can repeat that performance!

“Everyone goes to the race track thinking they are going to win every race they race, because let’s face it, that is what keeps us going and believing in our team. So while I am confident, I am also facing reality that there are some fast cars out there and guys who have been around for decades with way more knowledge than me.

“But while saying that, we will do our best to succeed for our team and sponsors as we always do!” concluded Gregorini, while thanking his crew, and his sponsors Scratch and Match Autocolour, Kerb Doctor, Westcoast Siteworks, Kendall Oils, S & S Industries, Dalisa Estate Winery, Signbiz WA, PT Promotions, Go Print, Dirty Detailing, Final Drive Engineering, Gforce Race Cars, Resolution Racing Services, DMPE and Applied Automotive.

“I have raced there four times, and the first time I won. That was in 2013, and the last time I raced was 2017 and that time I became a spectator in about three seconds, blowing up the engine in the first 200m without a spare! You can rest assured I have a spare this weekend! Hopefully we won’t be needing it though,” Durack grinned.

“It is going to be fun heading into the Darwin round as the defending Champion. I will be doing the best that I can to defend that title this season, but there are some great bikes coming out of the woodwork now and the competition is increasing, but I will just be doing my thing and we will see how the cards fall at the end of the day.

“We haven’t made any major changes over the off-season as there is still more that I can get out of the current combination. There is another 10 to 15 pounds of boost I could add yet, so we will sneak up on it slowly.

“Hidden Valley is a great race track; I hear it is the most level and flattest piece of road in Australia and it has always been a great surface to race on. These bikes can be beasts to handle from time to time but it seems that they are easier to control in Darwin, and hopefully that continues this weekend.

“I am really looking forward to getting back there and meeting up with all my fellow racers again, and hopefully having some clean and safe passes,” Durack concluded, while thanking his brother Jeremey, his sons Cameron and Scott, his wife Kimberley and his sponsors and supporters Clyde Carstairs from Bravo Resources and Dragon Bikes; Gavin Forbes from FME; Grant Bojanjac from Per4manz Turbochargers; and also, Lou Cotter for designing and manufacturing zx12 billet heads.

As well as hosting the opening rounds of the 2022/2023 ADRC Top Doorslammer and ADRC Top Fuel Motorcycle titles, Nitro Up North will also host the final rounds of the 2021/2022 Burson Auto Parts Top Fuel Championship and TFRA’s existing Top Fuel Bike Championship. For more information, visit or


June 17-18, 2022 Nitro Up North, Darwin

September 1-2, 2022 Red CentreNATS, Alice Springs

October 1-2, 2022 Summernats Slam, Heathcote

November 11-12, 2022 The Goldenstates, Perth

January 7-8, 2023 New Year Nitro, Willowbank

March 11-12, 2023 Top Fuel Slam, Tailem Bend

May 5-6, 2023 Nitro Champs, Sydney

June TBC Nitro Up North, Darwin

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